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Meet The Goddess 

Adina is a certified 500hr Yoga Therapist

Her focus: general anxiety, stress coping, chronic pain, and general wellness. 

Goddess Adina


She Who Saves. 

A brilliant blend of curry filled Trinidadian blood, south Florida oceanic water, and the country pleasantries of a southern belle. This eclectically put together energy took years for her to balance, but to see Goddess Adina today is to see a young girl that mastered never really having a home. As a child she spent much of her time trying to fit in to the molds of her surroundings, but the labels never fit quite right. She wasn’t “ethnic” enough for her African American counterparts, nor was she “American” enough for her private school counterparts. Her existence never fit into an understanding that she had seen expressed in the world. Yet even still she thrived enough to define herself. 


Goddess Adina spent much of her life in various performance roles from gymnastics competitions, to church solos, to musical theatre in High School. However, it took decades of denial before she'd answer to her true heart's desire. She has always had a passion and desire for large stages full of engaged audiences. She discovered her talent for writing and speaking her freshman year in High School during an English assignment, and the years ahead would build a collection of over 10 composition books full of poetry, free hand, and short stories. Each and everyone of them leading up to her stepping into the spotlight as a speaker, performance artist, entrepreneur, and advocate.  


In 2013, Adina graduated with her MBA (with a concentration in Entrepreneurship) and was ready to start her uphill battle with the corporate ladder. Fortunately, it took less than a year to discover her misery + reignite her passion for writing, performing, and being free. Thus the beginning of what is now known as Goddess Adina. The time does not go in vain, however, as the Goddess now serves as a business and marketing consultant to independent artist, entrepreneurs, and the like.  


Today… Goddess Adina has embraced her vastness + proclaimed her talents. She uniquely shares herself through Instagram, transformational speaking, performance art, and writing. During her first year in entertainment she performed on over 100 stages in 5 different cities. She has been sought after and booked by Indie artist showcases such as RAW and RME. In 2017, Adina self-published her first book, Humanity and Divinity Collide: a story of healing told through photography and poetry. That project challenged Adina to place trust in her own voice for the first time.

(Direct all event and small/group booking to Goddess Adina's email. All yoga sessions can be booked online.)

Adina is the walking expression of this truth: you can change the trajectory of your life with a series of simple dedicated decisions. Possibility is endless. 

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The Mission: Shift the Paradigm

I aim to hold a space so sacred that all that enter it find themselves busting self wide open to see a whole new array of possibilities. It is that very opening that allowed me to see the possibility of my dreams: traveling the world, speaking, and falling in unconditional love. As an artist I've committed to a responsibility of bringing new perspectives. It's my job to be the earth quake in your life that leaves your foundation looking far different. It is my pleasure to challenge you to let go, to open up, and to BE who you are free of cookie cutter stencils of who you "should be." 


When I open my mouth to speak or prepare my body to move it is always with a deep breath first and foremost because transformation is not easy, but it is our saving grace. This world breathes easier when stories of boldness, love, and freedom are told. We love each other better when we love ourselves. We connect better when we understand ourselves. We heal better when we're free to define self. And for that reason I do the many things I do: to remind you that you have a choice full of infinite possibilities.      

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