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Jun 16, 2017

Is it possible to learn Yoga alone, using online materials ?


Edited: Jun 16, 2017

What do you think ? What is your experience ?


It's good to remember there are no rights nor wrongs...

Jun 18, 2017

You're completely right... there are no right or wrongs. This space is to share what you are learning along the journey knowing someone else may come along and need exactly that :).


I am self-taught, first. Trained, second. I have an unfair advantage with the physical practice as I was a gymnast so I already had great body awareness, strength, and general flexibility.


It can be dangerous to teach yourself because it's easy to get hurt in yoga, but it's not at all impossible. And to learn with someone else does not assure you will not get hurt. It's all a personal journey. Yoga will find it's way to you in my opinion. :) Thanks for asking & starting the conversation!

Jun 18, 2017

I got into yoga first by trying to learn to meditate. Yoga only came to me when I read "The autobiography of yogi". I learned the different forms of yogas and it just happens so a friend of mine knew someone who was being taught a specific form.

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  • Calling all my experienced yogis!!! I'm constantly seeking out inspiration to keep my practice exciting & I know I'm not the only one. Comment your favorite flows, favorite youtubers, favorite poses, and the like! I'm excited to grow with you all <3
  • Time and time again I'm presented with conversations where people either... 1. Want to start yoga + don't know "how"? 2. Wish they could do yoga, but have resolved that they aren't flexible enough, small enough, or *insert excuse here* enough. So for all of you, wherever you fit on the spectrum, here are my fool proof steps to becoming a yogi : 1. Understand the lifestyle in which you are interested. It is far more than just a physical practice/workout. A great place to start with understanding the philosophy is the 8 limbs AND/OR the yoga sutras (warning: it's as bad or worse than the old king james version of the bible, so look for versions with explanations). 2. Hire a private instructor. This is the absolute BEST (+safest) way to learn the physical practice. 3. When, and ONLY when, hiring a private instructor is not an option... a.) go to a SMALL, beginners focused yoga class OR b.) find a youtube channel with classes/flows to watch. 4. START. Throw away all your excuses. "I can't touch my toes..." SO!!!!! That's all the more reason to start NOW. "I don't have time..." LIES! Some of my most vigerous practices have lasted less than 15 minutes. "I don't know where to start..." I just told you. Welcome to the yogi life my beautiful people. <3