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Jun 8, 2017

Start HERE...


Time and time again I'm presented with conversations where people either...

1. Want to start yoga + don't know "how"?

2. Wish they could do yoga, but have resolved that they aren't flexible enough, small enough, or *insert excuse here* enough.

So for all of you, wherever you fit on the spectrum, here are my fool proof steps to becoming a yogi:


1. Understand the lifestyle in which you are interested. It is far more than just a physical practice/workout. A great place to start with understanding the philosophy is the 8 limbs AND/OR the yoga sutras (warning: it's as bad or worse than the old king james version of the bible, so look for versions with explanations).


2. Hire a private instructor. This is the absolute BEST (+safest) way to learn the physical practice.


3. When, and ONLY when, hiring a private instructor is not an option... a.) go to a SMALL, beginners focused yoga class OR b.) find a youtube channel with classes/flows to watch.


4. START. Throw away all your excuses. "I can't touch my toes..." SO!!!!! That's all the more reason to start NOW. "I don't have time..." LIES! Some of my most vigerous practices have lasted less than 15 minutes. "I don't know where to start..." I just told you.


Welcome to the yogi life my beautiful people. <3



Jun 14, 2017

In my experience, all is based on the human nature...until you have hit rock bottom you don't do anything. It is the same with yoga practice. One can see others do it, can have an idea of the benefits (often romanticized and full of projections), but until the body goes through some ordeal and yoga becomes the only response only then the practice becomes unavoidable.

The maturity is to realize we don't have to wait that low point to listen to our calling.

Jun 14, 2017

That's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing @Su Shin! I 100% agree. I was at a pretty low place emotionally when yoga became unavoidable. <3 Thanks for your insight!

Jun 14, 2017

I admire, for lack of a better word those who can talk about their yoga experiences or journey.

For me, it would be like describing to another person what it means to go through a very personal experience, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


A friend of mine asked me recently why don't I teach yoga ? My response was and still is, teaching yoga is like teaching someone to sail into the ocean, i.e. he/she must be properly trained to handle storms and gigantic waves in the ocean. As I haven't experienced those myself it would be irresponsible for me to lead anybody anywhere.

Jun 14, 2017

I've started my practice almost 3 years ago. Sometimes consistency is the struggle for me but I always find my way to my mat at least once a week. Starting isn't the hard part to me it's just continuing the journey. I used to compare and focus on the "cool" poses but now for me it is just to find stability in my day to day life that consist of shambles lol.

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