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Jun 8, 2017

Black Bean Brownies!

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Yes, you read that completely correct. You can get your chocolate fix and protein at the same damn time *praise dance*!!! I'm a certified sweets & starch ADDICT (I'm a work in progress, y'all) so I'm always looking for ways to make myself feel healthier about my cake, cookie, and whatever else decisions. Ingredients + directions below!


DIRECTIONS (preheat to 350°):

1. Lightly grease your pan (or muffin pan)

2. Stir apple sauce + baking powder together and set aside (this serves as your egg, feel free to replace with egg or another egg replacement)

3. Add ALL ingredients into food processor or blender (NOTE: make sure beans are THOROUGHLY rinsed + drained.)

4. Blend on high (NOTE: I normally have to stop it a few times to stir to ensure EVERYTHING is getting blended (this all depends on the strength of your blender).)

5. Pour into greased pan

6. Top with cinnamon + sugar, nuts, etc.


Things to note:

1. Batter is supposed to be very thick. You can add milk or water a Tbsp at a time (stir in, do not blend) if it seems to thick for you.

2. These brownies are very "fudgy"! Stirring in the water and/or milk will make them very moist.

3. Feel free to add in chocolate chips, nuts, fruits, or any other topping you + yours desire!



Jun 10, 2017

I'm about to make these tonight.. Bored and hungry as we speak