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Nashville, #thePAsystem is moving on to a new city! Join us for one last lighthouse as we say farewell to a community that has sown so much love into us. 



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NOTE: very few spots left for performers, please reach out ASAP.

JULY 16TH, 2017

Hadley Park (by TSU)

FREE ENTRY! Just bring a donation :)

2pm - 11pm

Family friendly Field Day + fundraiser

2pm - 6pm 

games + community + art + music + food + local business.

NOTE: We will be taking donations for CiViL & another TBD organization. Stay tuned for a list of items to bring.

Hip Hop Lighthouse Concert

7pm - 11pm

music + local business + food + networking + positive vibes


More to be announced soon...

Meet The Daytime Performers

Al-D Word

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MC, producer, DJ, hip-hop promoter, and radio personality from Nashville, TN. His most recent project, "Free Delivery," was named Best Hip Hop Mixtape of 2013! AL-D and his partner E.T. host a weekly radio program at 6PM every Monday on 103.7FM WRFN. The radio program is sponsored by Nashville Fringe Festival and mostly focussed on local music and upcoming hip-hop events in the Nashville area.

Cam Ferg

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A Nashville native, bringing new flavor to the music industry. Cam knew young his talents were profound & decided to pursue music professionally.  Influenced by a variety of artists such as Drake, J. Cole, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, & Kendrick Lamar, CamFerg is "mix n matchin" styles to create a lane of his own with his outspoken demeanor and intriguing delivery.

Morgan Bosman

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Morgan Bosman is the “soul-drenched songstress” making her way in the music world. Hailing from St. Louis and currently based in Nashville, Morgan’s inspirations stem from the likes of Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Ella Fitzgerald just to name a few. Her influences are what give her a memorable voice exuding deep, soulful melodies complimented by sweet jazz, R&B and gospel roots.

Stevie Does Life

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StevieDoesLife in his own unique way. Originally hailing from Charlotte, NC, SDL combines his musical backgrounds of metal and rap to create his own style he calls "Punk Rap." 


With his catch phrase "come do life with me," Stevie invites you to throw down in the mosh pit as you journey through the ups and downs of life with him.

T Simp

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T Simp is an up and coming artist with a unique yet indivisible sound. He is a Nashville native and representative/founder of the Nashville based lifestyle brand of PSV, Plus Sign Vibez.
The mission is to give a PLUS SIGN "Positive" perspective on growing up in the troubled Streets of East Nashville. Music is used as a form of expression to give people a different out look than what statistics may number "us" as.

Meet The Evening Performers

Priestess of Planet X + #thePAsystem

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Priestess of Planet X is the embodiment of love. Unlike any artist you've ever seen she merges neo-soul, classic hip-hop, and boom bap with lyrics that are uncontested.To add to the magic she is often accompanied by performance artist, Goddess Adina. Together they make up #thePAsystem which is much bigger than what they give on stage. 

K Da

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Kenny Dwayne Adams aka K-DA is an artist that has been referred to as the "essence of hip hop". Being Born in Pontiac,MI but raised in Nashville,TN gives him  an excellent balance of bars and beats. Also known as the Southern Lyricist K-DA has dropped multiple solo projects over the years and has 3 coming in 2017. Most definitely worth the listen if you love real music.


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D.H. conveys timeless delivery and contagious wordplay merged with songs full of emotion.

A Nashville native, this Eastsider fascinates his fans with stories about relationships, life struggles, and the camaraderie of his Star Status Kings.


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The funky trap jazz drummer, vocalist, and producer, KNapps hails from Dayton, Ohio where he discovered his appreciation for music at an early age due to his parents who met in marching band, but especially his dad, a band teacher.


Knapps and The Street Band Clan Collective are currently working on a new project inspired by Miles Davis that will be released later this summer. They’re excited to showcase their cool trap jazz elements, saxy, yet driving beats, and cool jazz lingo on this new project and plan on bringing that same energy to the Free Love Jam festival.


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More to be announced soon...


More to be announced soon...

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