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July 2, 2017

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July 2, 2017

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Learning from Success

June 29, 2016


June 26th, 2016. A simple Sunday that propelled my purpose into hyper drive. 7 AM rolled around way faster than anticipated from the night before and preparation had to begin. 12:30 PM flew in before I could blink, and I was on my way to the venue. My entire aura drowning in questions: "did you forget something?" "what if no one shows up?" "what if they don't understand?" "what if this is all a mistake?". Yet before an answer could be decided upon 4 PM came through like a silent storm, and there I was speaking my heart's truth and purpose to a room full of people. No booing. No bashing. Just receptive energies & positive vibes earnestly listening to an off script speech. 


This past Sunday my love and I hosted our first official event debuting our brand Healing Inhalze. A brand, a business, and a passion that has been brewing within us for almost 3 years. I won't get too much into it...(you'll have to connect with us on Instagram or send us your email for all the gory details ;)), but long story short we are branding our lifestyle based on honesty/authenticity, self-care, expression of art, and love above all. It's our service and our heartwork to and for the community. Through community empowerment events, music, yoga, blogging, supporting local art/business, and much more we commit to being a light so others may see their own. We believe through this reflection a better world is created one light at a time!


ANNYYWAYYY...this post is not about me pitching our brand. It's about what I learned through launching it. We did this event on our own with the sole power of passion. Found & rented a venue. Created marketing & promoted ourselves. Pulled together a wonderful line-up of local artists & businesses. Cooked and served the food (all V + GF :D). Created and printed our own business cards. Nothing backing us but self, each other, and passion as we punched through every obstacle head first. What a beautiful reward to have a room full of engaged people, supporting us, listening to us, and more importantly learning from & teaching us. People from all different backgrounds, all different passions, coming together to learn from and teach each other. It was humbling to create and hold such a space. It was the literal manifestation of our dream right before our eyes, miraculous really. And my greatest lesson from this experience is this: showing up for yourself is the most empowering and uplifting thing you could ever do for you. Generally speaking... we show up for doctor's appointments, we show up for our scheduled shift at work, we show up when our spouse needs a shoulder to lean on, we show up when a friend needs a favor, yet as soon as it's time to show up for ourselves other "priorities" nag louder.


A mentor of mine recently told me that there is a huge difference between activity and productivity. Activity may keep you busy, but it's productivity that manifests purpose, joy, success! Showing up for self comes from creating space for productivity. For me that looks like... squats while I'm clocked in coaching gymnastics because I want a bigger butt, an alarm & commitment to yoga @ 7 am (no I'm not a yogi that practices everyday 3Xs a day, but I am learning my power to create the space for all I need), blogging at 11:15 PM after an emotionally draining day and a work shift because showing up for myself is synonymous with showing up for the people. For me it looks like self-healing. Oil pulling and brushing my teeth with charcoal in the shower, crying, taking mental health days, and giving 110% in my dreams + passions (which for me is my career). It's not always easy to take yourself seriously, to take your dreams seriously because it's scary if it works AND if it doesn't. Even as I type these words I wonder if they'll help anyone, reach anyone, or even serve a fraction of the purpose I intend for them to. I wonder if I will be judged or misinterpreted. But in this moment I'm choosing to show up for me. I'm choosing to show up fo