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Knowing Faith

July 2, 2017

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You Matter. We Matter.

July 8, 2016


"...Just because we're magic, doesn't mean we're not real...it does not mean we do not bleed blood, inhale & exhale, kiss our children goodnight, kiss our spouses good morning, or die leaving heartache behind when our heart is stopped by bullet wounds" (J.W.; italicized added by me for relevance).


People are dying. Literally taking their last breath leaving sisters, sons, wives, friends, and loved ones behind to try to rebuild life around ginormous holes all because a broken system puts false senses of power and weapons into the hands of scared, ignorant minds. Power hungry robots blindly committed to a fallen doctrine are taking our futures from us. My heart is breaking. My voice is shaking. My wrath, however, is justified and true. 


Days like this make me try really hard to stay off social media. My empathic heart can't handle the consistent heaviness. I take cover from the cries, the screams, the outrage of people. Yet all at the same time I am so proud, and like a magnet I revel in the artistry our people create out of tragedy. I am so proud of the people who see AND detest the systematic abuse, systematic racism, and systematic murder. I am so proud of our voice, ingenuity, and solidarity.I am grateful that though this is history repeating itself that we have a larger platform in which to speak out. I am grateful that we are getting louder, and that soon there will be no ignoring us. I am grateful that our magic rises even higher out of our realness. 


To see justice in this system at this point is to openly choose ignorance. Fact after fact, death after death, murder after murder, and trial after trial has shown us that systematic abuse is real. Systematic power is happening, and systematic murder is destroying us. To not see it is to bask under the rotting umbrella of benefits created off the destruction of another living being. It's like eating ice cream every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it "feels good," and completely ignoring the rotting of your teeth that occurs. In the long run this brings pain. Opening your eyes and using your voice is a choice. Proactivity over reactivity is a choice. 


Hug your sons and your daughters. Hug your siblings and your friends. Give love. Show love. Be love. Teach our children the power in their tongue, their art, and love. Teach our people the power in solidarity. Let's teach ourselves the power of self. As many have said, the time for discussion is over. The only answer here is action. Choose action that brings proactivity and change. Choose action that starts with you and your family. Connect. Solidarity is our hope. 


P.S. || Self-care is more important now than ever. Our media is normally doused in propaganda that generates fear, inadequacy, and worry. Right now it is intensely multiplied. Guard your heart. Protect your peace. Allow yourself to unplug from it without feeling guilty. Know that caring for self, knowing self, loving & accepting self are the first step(s) to doing all those things for the community, for people. Honor your needs. You don't need to see everything. Trust your spirit & your contribution to the cause, to the mission, to the love. ||


One love. Keep the faith. 

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