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July 2, 2017

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Knowing Faith

July 2, 2017

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Beyond Time's Limits

October 14, 2016

         "...take your time" she said, and though she was simply advising me to slow down as I worked my way through a novel it resonated through every cell in my body. It was the water drops of truth the Sahara of my mind was yearning for. Reading those words somehow permeated into every doubt, worry, and fear I had crushing their intensity by simply asking "what are you rushing for? where are you headed so fast?" I began to rise above the loud clatter of rush hour traffic, and I found stillness. That stillness sat with me exactly where I was caressing the grooves dug into my brain from societal standards and parental expectations. And for a moment I could see . I mean really see without the lenses of Instagram comparisons, age limitations, and shoulda/woulda/coulda thought processes. I saw that exactly where I am is exactly where I need to be even if my brain says it's all wrong, my heart says it's alright (all right). 

         So slow down, baby. B R E A T H E. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. It doesn't matter if that woman over there achieved what you feel is yours to accomplish 5 years before she hit your age. It doesn't matter if their social media pages have 50k followers for what seems like "nothing" to you. That is not your place to judge. Judgement breeds judgement so be aware of the thoughts you carry. It doesn't matter if according to her Instagram she's "living the good life." Think about what Instagram is! It's a highlight reel of your best moments in life that is NOT a full picture. Social media rarely ever gives us a full picture no matter how many photos are posted with perfectly put together captions. It doesn't matter if it takes you longer than the one sitting next to you. It doesn't matter if your journey looks like one you've never seen before. "You need not ask what others have done or how they have done it. Be yourself and express life as you find it. Never imitate. Trust the self. Find the self in god and god in the self" (Ernest Holmes). Adina...it does not matter what you THINK you think. Go back to that place before you were taught to think. Go to that place in between the thoughts. The gap. Remember that you stand in that gap for yourself. Go back to your innocence where unicorns were real and clouds could be pink. Trust the crazy ideas in your head. If you can think it, you can manifest it (creative and destructive, so beware!). And again...breathe. BREATHE. B R E A T H E. Sink into that timeless space within your mind, the gap in between the thoughts. The place that let's you know time is truly infinite. 

         Remember, to work smart. If you're going to go a long way, ensure you are headed in a desired direction. Activity and productivity are not inherently synonymous. All that activity in your head stands between you and productivity. Productivity is the child of discipline and the mother of prosperity, fortune, and purpose. It may take a sacrifice, but as it is well conceptually understood it's worth it. Move past the mental concept and let that worth sink into your emotions. Stop focusing on the sacrifice itself, and allow yourself to focus on what comes when you o