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July 2, 2017

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Knowing Faith

July 2, 2017

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Energy in Motion (EMotion)

November 14, 2016

Life gets better the more we direct our energy in a direction that is healing, compassionate, loving, and peaceful. It is up to the people to ensure we have a land to live on that we are able to enjoy.  

          Last week was one full of very high emotion irregardless of which direction yours projected. November 9th, 2016 (11/9) is a day many of us will remember for quite some time. It’s historic in a sense. Some woke up overjoyed. Some work up overwhelmed. I personally woke up feeling grounded and inspired, settled into my faith, and ready for the self-work that is being asked of me (or shown to me as an opportunity!). It's this state of mind that led me to a timeline full of so much knowledge, prayers, positive thoughts, and calls to action for unity. However, all things come in balance and I’ve also seen an exponential amount of judgement. Telling those feeling distraught that they’re dramatic. Blaming the one’s that did not vote for the outcome. Calling those that did vote stupid. Blah. Blah. BLAH. What happened to compassion? What happened to togetherness? What happened to peace and love? Life gets better the more we direct our energy in a direction that is healing, compassionate, loving, and peaceful. It is up to the people to ensure we have a land to live on that we are able to enjoy.  


          This time calls for peace to reign through. Irregardless of the spiritual belief you adhere to (if any at all) it can be agreed upon that we are as human beings pure energy. It is physics, chemistry, biology. We are a combination of nerve cells that transform, communicate , and so much more through E L E C T R I C I T  Y! We are energy, and the emotions we carry are that energy moving (e-motion). This life we lead reverberates on the direction we are guiding our emotions, and now more than ever we need to come together and direct that energy in a beautiful, positive, loving direction. If nothing else, no matter what side of the fence you stand on, you can see the fence. You can see the divide. And division brings anger, division brings hate, division brings war. I promise the last thing anyone wants is a war amongst the people. 


         Let’s untie and unite. Allowing our minds to open to the idea that differences and division are far from synonymous. If anything, differences more closely resembles unity because that is the one thing we can count on us all to have in common: We. Are. Different! Let's unlearn the things that have taught us we must hate what we do not understand, that to disagree on one or two of many things that make us us is to be incompatible, that loving ourselves is a crime, that loving others is weak. And THEN we come together to understand, to show compassion, to put our differing mindsets and efforts together in a beautiful puzzle that rises every person, place, and thing into a place of life and life more abundantly. This is a time where come together as a community for the community. Start for selfish reasons if you have to because as you choose more joy for yourself you ultimately choose to help others experience it as well. 


         I’m starting with myself. Making sure my meditation and prayer life is on POINT. I must stay in connection with the divine in order to vibrate high and exist in love. Whatever path you use to vibrate on love, take it. And by vibrate on love I simply mean being more compassionate and understanding. Let that road rage go. If they cut you off, send them love and peace in their haste, and let it go. Your co-workers, customers, or clients pissing you off? Check your own attitude and figure out what you’re really frustrated about. Hungry? Stressed? Sexually frustrated? Don’t belittle anything that could possibly have an impact. Every little thing counts. Practice stopping to take a moment to breathe before reacting. I’m choosing to make sure my physical is on point. That’s where I get my energy, mental clarity, and joy. I’m going to pray often, breathe deeper, smile more, laugh harder, cry a lot. I’m not here to pretend like this is an easy road, that there aren’t moments of breath taking tears and debilitating anxiety. It's in those moments that I am working to let my emotions move through freely, learn the lesson they came to teach, and let the moment flutter into the wind as I allow life to ebb and flow. It's hard, BUT it's simple we are capable. It takes practice, consistency, resiliency, support. It’s admitting you need help and being cut throat about your space. Show up for yourself, whatever that means. Cutting people off. Following that dream. Loving that person. Letting that love go. Whatever. You KNOW what it is (everything you need to know is within). Do love. Show love. Be love. I love you, dearly.