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July 2, 2017

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Millennial Freelance Creatives

January 26, 2017

A woman that needs no introduction. She is an artist, a model, an activist, an inspirer, and so much more. She embodies the fullness of what a woman can be when unrestrained by societal concepts of femininity. She is a business woman and a student. She is soft and cutting edge. She is herself, and it's captivatingly beautiful. Enjoy her wisdom, embrace her truth, and find little gems of perfection for yourself. Thank you, Maya June, for sharing yourself with us. 


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I work hard, I'm getting paid


My schedule was full today, I'm 'bout to go all the way


I set off and hit the stage, ready to go do my thing



Well baby, my day was good


I worked hard and knocked on wood


I skipped meals and got no sleep


But this was the life for me



You working, Ms. Destiny


You working, Ms. Destiny



Ambitions and accolades, what did you go do today?


How did you go spend your day?


-Princess Nokia (aka Destiny Frasqueri), “Excellent”


Freelance work is an art in itself, and requires a mentality that isn’t exactly second nature. Marketing yourself has become a modern-day craft that, as millennials entering an evolving job market, we can’t afford to be bad at. A lot of my information on how to be an effective freelancer not only comes from my own experience as a 6 year model, but also my experience being related to many successful entrepreneurs. I grew up watching my parents build an accounting firm that specializes in small businesses, so I’ve had the privilege of not only learning from their business ventures, but also learning from all of their clients, who are mostly small business owners. On top of that, my hometown of Nashville is experiencing a rapid growth that has sped up the life span of many restaurants and shops, highlighting how crucial each decision that business owners make is at every step of the way. Most people can’t afford to not take advantage of every chance they have to facilitate the flourishing of their brand. That being said, there are lots of tools and tricks that we can use as individuals building our own brand that make maneuvering whatever industry you’re in a little easier. 



 So, lets say you have a “thing.” Whatever your chosen thing is, it better set your soul ablaze. Whatever you’re pursuing should be the quintessence of passion. Your thing should be what keeps you up at night, and you should be thinking not only how you can advance your own skill in this arena, but also how you can give back to this world through your passion, because man is organic with their environment and this life is a balancing act of reciprocity. Remember...





Reach out to the people who are already in the field you are hoping to advance in will directly influence your growth. Putting yourself out there doesn’t just have to be sharing your art with the world.