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July 2, 2017

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Because We All Need Healing

February 10, 2017

Heal (v.) ; 


1. to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment. 

2. to free from evil; cleanse; purify: 

to heal the soul.


Healing can feel like your greatest accomplishment and biggest downfall at the same time. It can feel like your drowning in waters that take away just enough breath not to kill you. It can feel endless. But it can also feel like magic, and all at once you feel that perfect fit into your own skin (even better than perfectly fitted jeans). We need each other heal. And because we never see alllllll of the potholes in the journey ahead here are 9 perspectives that have made my journey through healing run a lot more smoothly... Share yours! 

9 Things You Should Know About Healing...


1. It's hard. AF! Point, blank, period. I cannot and will not sugar coat it because simplicity and ease are not synonymous. But oh its worth is the sweetest prize you'll ever hold. 


2. It's a journey not a destination. I've been committed to this self-healing journey for a little over 2 years, and for the majority of that time I was continuously waiting to arrive at my full healing. The past few months have taught me that there is no arrival at full healing, but rather a consistent commitment to remain in your healed frame of mind daily. It's a DAILY choice to heal. 


3. It really starts with caring for your inner child. Give yourself the same compassion, understanding, grace, and willingness to teach that you would give a child. 


4. It requires doing things you don't want to do. What is best for you is not always the thing that you want to do. Depression, pain, anxiety, and the like make you want to shut yourself in, stop talking, and avoid all form & fashion of self-care. That is the exact opposite of what you NEED no matter how much you may want it. So get up! Go outside, talk to your partner, call your mom, post that status, make that meal, whatever it is you know deep inside you need to do but you don't feel like doing. It may not feel great at first, but it will with time


5. Patience and gentleness = KEY(s)! Always take a moment to celebrate every single step! Small or large. You got up and out of bed, celebrate! You did not snap on your partner, co-worker, or stranger that cute you off... celebrate! You took a shower, celebrate! You ate, celebrate! You told that one friend that drains you no, C E L E B R A T E! 


6. Allow yourself to backslide. Healing is not a linear process. Some days will be better than others, and some days will down right suck. Some days you'll do and say all the right things. Some days you'll feel like you messed everything up. On those days...learn to laugh at yourself & take some deep breathes. Make room for you to see where you can learn from what happened. 


7. Document your journey (journaling is my favorite). It's often hard for us to see how far we've come when we are in the midst of the valley's or the mountain tops of the healing process. It's important to look back to see where we