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Knowing Faith

July 2, 2017

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Perspective shifts...

March 2, 2017

         Our alarm went off an hour early this morning, obviously a decision made last night that I'm usually upset about by the time morning comes around. This morning, though, my eyes popped open at 6:45AM like it was my 6th birthday and I was promised a pony. Babe started a new job about a week ago, and though it's everything we need right now it's been an adjustment. We have been working the 100% entrepreneur life for about a year so we've been with each other 24/7. It's been different only seeing her for a short time in the morning and not again until the evening. So we've become even more intentional about spending time with each other (while balancing self-care, passion/artistry, finances, friendships...we're pretty much superheroes ;) ). This morning we woke up an hour early snuggled, made breakfast together, then had the most beautiful conversation over homemade mcgriddles (i'll send that recipe out ASAP!). We're in a new season. One that I asked for though I did not realize what I was truly asking for at the time.


        She listened as I rattled on in my overly optimistic attempt at complaining while pretending that's not what I was doing. It's absolutely amazing to be afforded the opportunity to spend most of my time at home with the time and space for self-care, creative expression, and creating a living out of my passions. But to be honest... that's a lot to balance. Then there's the keeping up with the house and cooking, finances, my own evolution. And I'm a type A personality so this day to day different hour different task experience is new too. Change gets bumpy. Yet I've been more productive in the past week than I have been in months. The balance is almost overwhelming. I add to all of this the idea that I'm putting my heart and soul out to the world, though I am well versed in the ideology of non attachment I still desire for these things to be handled with care and understanding. I desire for their fullest purpose to be expressed. And then I exhaled (the previous paragraph is a far condensed version of my word vomit version babe endured). She chimed in and within a few words my whole perspective shifted.


"But wait..You asked for this right?" Well, of course I did. "And it's here?" Yes. "Well then silly look at how powerful you are. You spoke it. It's here." 


         And there it was. I spoke it once, so I could speak it again. This time with more wisdom, more specifications. It may not ever look exactly as I picture it as I speak, but I know wisdom increases with each experience and knowledge is power. At the end of it all the journey is the point anyway. And this now is so beautiful. So I dare you to ask for it, speak it, believe it...whatever religion/spirituality (or lack thereof) you adhere to put your faith in it. Then continue to grow through each day. One foot in front of the other. You'll look up to see it right there in your hands. And even more you'll have more wisdom in your eyes, power in your words, and strength in your faith to continue creating life as you envision. 



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