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July 2, 2017

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April 1, 2017

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Knowing Faith

July 2, 2017

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Leveling Up

April 1, 2017

 It's been a minute since I've been on here, yet even still the traffic and community is growing. Thank YOU! I'm so grateful for the moments in which life confirms to me I'm on the path that was designed specifically for ME because even in my shortcomings I thrive. This past month has consisted of adjusting to a whole new way of living. I've been blissed with the opportunity to check out of most of my "clock-in jobs" (I "go to work" for approx. 10hr/week), and by EVERY stretch to the expression it has certainly increased my "work" load. My days consist of writing, emailing, therapy sessions, teaching, branding, and the like. My nights consist of rehearsals, interviews, networking, and performances. This new space has alleviated all separation between life and work. I make a living living. It's miraculous, astonishing, divine, and so many other exhilarating things. I learned that when you stop telling life what you're going to be/do, you find yourself standing at the edge of limitless possibility. I'm doing things I never said I would do and experiencing things I never thought I'd have.


The craziest part is in 2012 as I was listening to a sermon the pastor said in 5 years there is going to be a shift. He reiterated several times the importance of 2017 as either a major level up or level down year. I remember writing "2017" on a post it note and sticking it on my desk. I looked at that post it note with a sense of amazement, wonder, and anticipation for over a year (I lost the note when I switched jobs though I continued to think about 2017 every so often). Now, here I stand in the manifestation of that wonder completely astounded. It feels exactly as I thought it would plus some, yet it looks NOTHING like I imagined. Had you asked me in 2012 what my big 2017 level up would have been I would probably tell you I was married + kids + a fancy corporate job + overly indulged into church ministry of some kind. The all-American, ya know? Well...


April 1st, 2017...

1. Married to the most amazing woman on the planet.

2. No kids (yet!)

3. Entrepreneuring my way to greatness. 

4. Performing poetry and yoga LIVE

5. Sharing my life with the masses as a teacher, confidant, and light. 

6. Writing a book. Like what?!?! 

7. Being confident, bold, and fierce. 

8. I'm vegetarian/vegan 

9. I take absolutely no artificial medicine (which is huge for a girl who used to take pain killers DAILY for migraines!). 

...cheers to stepping out of comfort zones and ending up the happiest I've ever been in the history of my existence.