“Loved classes with Adina! She makes you feel comfortable and at the same time encourages you to push yourself past your limits as well as making sure you are understanding the concept of yoga 😬"

Paige C. / Nashville, TN 

“Adina is simply amazing! She is very gentle and patient with you. It is not your average yoga class. I have learned so much from her, anywhere from self awareness to spiritual enlightenment. I always feel welcomed and very relaxed. By the way her tea selections for our classes are phenomenal!!

Kim C. / Nashville, TN

My experience from day one has been Transparent, Gentle and encouraging. She is extremely patient and helpful throughout the whole session. Doing yoga with her has motivated me to practice on my own. I would say overall my journey with yoga and Adina has been uplifting and loving. Cant wait to see her again. Private or Couple therapy, and she knows how to cater to each persons individual needs. You don't have to be a "True Yogi" to practice with her. Just be ready and willing and she'll guide you . If this help, I am a real customer, and I am a big girl . I never hit a mat in my life until i met her.. Love at first site.. Don't forget to ask her about her heartwarming Tea!!! SHE IS THE BEST!

Tae F. / Nashville, TN

Very professional and complete. I was able to reconnect with my yoga practice after a full year off due to accident injury after just one yoga therapy session! Highly recommended if your looking to acquire balance.

Marcy U. / Nashville, TN

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